Monday, August 9, 2010

What a Fine-Lookin'...

This little beauty came out of our garden, thanks to the faithful TLC that Jeff has been giving our plants. He has done an outstanding job with the garden, and he makes it look like he's been gardening for far longer than just this one year! He's a quick learner. :)

As I contemplated what to do with such a gorgeous tomato, I considered putting it into the caprese salad we had for supper tonight; but then I decided against it. This beauty is destined to be consumed in a tomato sandwich for my lunch tomorrow. Two slices of wheat bread, spread with mayonnaise, with a thick slice of homegrown tomato in between, sprinkled with salt--put it all together, and you've got one of summertime's best meals.


In other news on this Monday, I have a rash--a head-to-toe, red-splotchy, itchy-so-you-can't-stop-scratching rash. I discovered it early this morning, and my favorite doctor advised me take a Benadryl for it. I compliantly did, knowing that the result would be a side effect of extreme fatigue. The Benadryl did make the rash subside; and fortunately I was able to sleep quite a bit of the morning, since Shav had an extra long morning nap.

Tonight the rash came back, so I popped another Benadryl, and I can feel it kicking in. The sleepiness that is settling over me is astounding. If I ever have problems falling asleep (and I never do), all I'll have to do is take a Benadryl, and I'll be snoozing soon.

We don't know what is causing this rash, although Dad suspects it's something I ate (because it's an all-over rash and not just contained in one area). I'm afraid...I'm very afraid...that it's peaches. Yesterday for the first time this summer, I ate some peaches that we got from our local orchard; and again this evening for supper, I had some. Could it be that my two flare-ups are related to the peaches I consumed these two times? I certainly hope not! Peaches are only my favorite fruit (although it's hard to pick a favorite because I love so many fruits so much!), and I literally look forward all year to eating fresh peaches in the summer.

Why in the world would I suddenly be allergic to peaches, after having eaten them without problem my whole life??


Yesterday after lunch, Dad graciously agreed to snap a family photo of us, since we were woefully lacking in that area ever since Shav was born. I didn't have the expectation that everyone would sit in a row and look at the camera and smile...and it's a good thing I didn't, because this is what turned out:
So what if Shav is chewing on the lens cap?
So what if Tobin is sucking his thumb and gazing off into space?
So what if the kitten has got his back to the camera?
So what if Josiah and David are both laying down, and David is holding Shav's foot?

I love these little darlings, so I love this picture!!

I took a walk down Memory Lane this evening, and found myself in May of 2005, when Josiah was not yet three years old and David was just a few weeks old and we were in Jerusalem on the grounds of the school where Jeff and I first met, nine years prior. Wanna see?
There have been a few changes since then, but something has remained the same: there is SO MUCH LOVE in our family.


jeanette said...

beautiful tomato. If I liked tomatoes...I'd be jealous. :)

LOVE the impromptu family's real!

could the peaches have anything on them like pesticide that you're body is responding to?

Beth said...

That tomato looks like something out of a magazine! Makes me hungry for some tomato toast myself! Beautiful family picture, captures your family just as they are meant to! :)

Jo Ann said...

Tomato sandwiches, peaches...surely finer things of summer! I was going to suggest the possibility of the pesticide issue for the peaches as well. On the flip side, I've become allergic to a couple of things as an adult that I never had problems with before. Hope it clears up quickly!

bekahcubed said...

I like the family photo too. It's real, it's fun, and it's got personality!

Elizabeth said...

I also have a friend that can't eat the peel of a peach. If she peels it, she can eat it...or if it's canned. I wonder if it's a treatment or something added by the farmer that you can't wash off? Maybe call the farm and ask what they treat with??