Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How To Be a Hero

Dearest sons,

At some point in the future, the day may come when you think, "I want to be a hero!" but you don't exactly know how. Let me give you some clues.

A man is a hero when he stays home from church with the baby and a sick boy so that his wife can go and receive spiritual nourishment.

A man is a hero when, while his wife is gone, he prepares a delicious lunch of BLT sandwiches and corn on the cob so that when she gets home, the family can sit down to eat. His wife might just think as she walks in the door and smells the bacon, "This is the best moment of my day."

A man is a hero when he starts a new tradition of taking his oldest son out for breakfast on the first Wednesday of the month, and his second son out for breakfast on the second Wednesday of the month, etc.

A man is a hero when he says to his firstborn as he walks out the door to go to work on Monday morning, "I'm looking forward to our breakfast together on Wednesday." The man might just be rewarded with a smile that brilliantly lights up the face of his son..and lingers, even after the man is gone.

A man is a hero when he makes his sons his hobbies, or chooses hobbies that can involve his sons.

A man is a hero when he schedules time away with friends (for prayer, Bible study, fellowship) for either early in the morning before his family awakes or late at night after they go to bed.

A man is a hero when he patiently glues back together his son's wooden airplane.

A man is a hero when he takes his son to work with him and lets the son "help" him.

A man is a hero when, having used up his "daily quota" of words dealing with people all day at work, he still finds the strength and energy and mental willpower to stay out of his "cave" when he gets home from work and linger at the dinner table, telling his family interesting stories from the encounters he has had with his customers that day.

A man is a hero when he goes to the effort of tracking down a dear friend his wife had during college--after the wife lost touch with her friend and was unable to communicate with her for years and didn't even know how to find her again.

A man is a hero when he changes dirty diapers. (Pay special attention to this one, dear boys; your wives will agree wholeheartedly!)

A man is a hero when he lives his life as an open book and never gives his wife cause to worry about his fidelity.

A man is a hero when he carries a Bible in his back pocket--and pulls it out to read when he has a spare moment.

A man is a hero when his deepest longing is to be closer to God and more like Jesus.

I'm sure you can figure out who taught me what makes a man a hero. Your own beloved daddy is a spectacular example of a Godly husband and father.

We are so blessed--you and I--to have him for our own.

From my heart,


Margie said...

Wow. Oh, wow. I want to read this aloud to my husband. This is lovely and wonderful. One of the best, and I've always loved your posts about Jeff. Thank you for writing this, Davene.

Morning said...

so true! A man is sexy and gorgeous when he is hanging out washing! or bringing you tea in bed every morning ... changing nappies ... making you laugh ... bringing in firewood ... letting you sleep in an extra 30 minutes in the morning ... being a good daddy and husband. We have a HUGE responsibility to bring up our boys to understand the importance of these things Davene. What a challenge and how wonderful if we succeed!

Beth said...

Beautifully written Davene.

Patti said...


Sally said...

What blessed women we are to have Godly heroes for our husbands. Thanks for this realistic look at true heroes.

Embracing Destiny said...

I am sometimes discouraged by the lack of good male role models and what that means for the state of future manhood. As the parents of three girls, my husband and I pray everyday that God is preparing our daughters' future husbands for them. I take heart from reading your post!