Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Will Happen Tomorrow

~ I took this picture on Singers Glen Road - August 22, 2010

I'm a little melancholy tonight. That's what happens to a woman when she's breastfed her baby for the last time and doesn't know if she'll ever have another one to nurse. When Shav had his fall back in March, I thought he might never nurse again; but thanks be to God, he did, and I've treasured these extra five months of bonding with him in that way. Now they've come to an end, and I think tomorrow will be the first day of his life as a totally weaned child.

I think I know something else that will happen tomorrow: the first official day of school. But even when I think I know what's coming in the next 24 hours, this verse from James stops me short and reminds me that my feelings of control are an illusion. Only God knows. It seems so simple, almost trite, to say it, but it's profoundly true: only God knows.

This picture serves as a sobering reminder of this truth. I'm sad to say that it's the place where a lady we knew died in a car accident 10 days ago. Did she have any idea, as she read a book the night before she died, that it would be her last night here on earth? Did she have any clue, when she said goodbye to her husband that morning, that it would be the last goodbye they would ever have to endure? But what a painful, long goodbye for Ron! Did she guess, as she sat and sewed with other ladies from the church that day, that she would never see them again until the grand reunion in heaven? Certainly not. She did not know what would happen in that day.

Neither do I know what will happen tomorrow.

Neither do you.

But He does--and that makes all the difference.

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