Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not Even Solomon

~ I took these pictures of the peonies beside our patio - May 15, 2010

How much time did I spend thinking about what I was going to wear today? How much time did I ponder, "Does this make me look fat? Is this dressy enough? Is it too dressy? What kind of message does this send about me? Does it make me look fat? Does it complement my eyes? Does it make me look fat?"

How much time did you spend on those kinds of thoughts?

How much time should we spend on it?


Sally said...

Uhhh... these days, it's down to a very few items that I can get into! And then, narrow that down further by what's clean, and I have very few wardrobe decisions. But, hopefully someday that will be different.

Misty said...

Way too much time. So much time that Chris actually took the kids to the mall (while I napped I might add) and bought me a new dress. And I'm sure whatever you were wearing didn't make you look fat!