Friday, May 7, 2010

Bold Bathroom - Beautiful!

I wish I had written down when our bathroom renovation started. Unfortunately, I didn't, so I don't remember exactly when it was; but I do remember that it was before Christmas because Jeff and I discussed how we felt about the bathroom being in upheaval when guests were in the house, and we even contemplated waiting to begin the project until after the new year for that reason. In the end, we decided to go ahead with the renovation, realizing that any guests who were in our home would be understanding that things are just messy with any kind of project like that.

In this post from January, I blogged with excitement about the transformation that was happening. This February post reveals my discouragement with the slow speed of the process. I fully intended to do a follow-up post when the project was finished; but not only did I neglect to do that, I also forgot to write down exactly when it was completed. I just know that, despite the small size of the room, it took a very, very long time to finish the project; but now that it's over, it was totally worth it. Almost like childbirth - we forget the pain after it's over. ;)

I used the word "completed," but that's not quite true. I still need to get some material for a curtain for the window, some pictures enlarged and framed for the walls, some black spray paint for some decorations for another wall, etc. - the "prettying up" that we women love to do. But all the big stuff is done.

The bathroom is so small that I couldn't even take a decent picture of the whole room. Instead, I rotated around in the room, snapping photos of various items in it that I love. Items like...

...a new faucet and soap dispenser.
I really love this faucet. This was the splurge item for this room; but I'm so glad that, as we were standing in Home Depot looking at faucets, Jeff convinced me to pass over the bottom-of-the-line faucets in favor of this one. I love the uniqueness of it. The boys love it, too; and sometimes when Tobin is MIA, I find him in this bathroom, standing on the stool, running his hands under water from this faucet. :)

These pictures are kind of random; and because of the lighting, it was hard to get ones that accurately reflect the color of the walls, but they give an idea anyway of what things look like now.

Gotta have candles... :)
It was fun to pick out new towel racks for the walls...
...and a towel hook for the (newly-painted white) door.
New doorknobs make me happy. I chose this style, not only because I think they're pretty, but also because they're safer and easier for older people who have trouble gripping and for children who find it hard to turn a traditional doorknob.
I found this candle lantern at the Belmont yard sale last weekend. Perfect!
Jeff picked out our new toilet, and he surprised me by bringing home this great toilet seat. What's so great about it? Well, it can be used as a regular toilet seat...
...but then the insert can be flipped down to make a child's seat. Isn't that brilliant? I'm just beginning the process of potty training Tobin, and I'm so grateful that I don't have to have an extra (plastic, messy) potty seat in this bathroom.

This picture was given to my parents by some very generous friends we knew in San Diego, Bob and Charlene. When we moved back, my parents let us have it; and until recently, it hung in our upstairs bathroom on a white wall. It didn't POP in that location; but against the red wall, it does. The picture I took of it doesn't do it justice because of the reflection of various things (including myself) in it. But in real life, I think it looks terrific in this bathroom.

You can tell we have children by going into this bathroom. Even before you spot the wonderful toilet seat, you immediately see the stool by the sink...
...and a towel hook hung low enough for them to reach a hand towel. I used to get frustrated by the way they would take the regular hand towel off its rack, and then leave it on the counter (because they weren't tall enough to put it back up). This towel hook at their height solves that problem nicely.

We got new drawer pulls and door handles for the cabinets...
...and a new toilet paper holder.
All these things are little things, really. But what a difference they make!


Sally said...

That is a lovely bathroom! The pictures don't make it seem like it's small at all.

A nice faucet is really nice. We got some nice ones for our new bathroom and for our kitchen sink. There were functional features that I wanted in each one, and that kept us out of the cheapest range, but it is worth it if you ask me.

Your decorating abilities make me want to force my decorating inabilities to figure out SOMEthing to do for some of our walls. We'll see what I come up with over time.

Miriam said...

It's beautiful! I love the silver/brushed nickel style. Each time we put something new in our house, we replace the ugly yellow gold with that kind. We put those same door-knobs on our back door, and they are WONDERFUL for when your hands are full of groceries, laundry, a baby, or whatever. You can open the door with your knee, elbow, or pretty much anything :)

Kristen said...

Your bathroom is so pretty! We just (almost) finished redoing our bathroom as well. I looked at faucets like that, but didn't end up getting one...our new vanity was our big purchase. Kind of funny though because I bought those knobs for a different project, but we never put them on. They're so pretty!

I bet you're glad it's back in use! :)

Elizabeth said...

It just looks beautiful Davene!

A very Happy Mother's Day to you! :)

Much love dear sister,


Cindy said...

So pretty!!! Can I come see it in person?? :)

Davene said...


YES!! Anytime. :)

Margie said...

Davene, I love it! Love the color and all the details. Especially love the special potty seat. Jeff made a GREAT purchase with that. Thanks for showing us how great a bathroom can look!

Patti said...

I've been away from the internet for a week at my parents' house and am catching up with the goings-on at Sylvan Drive. The new bathroom looks terrific! I loved seeing all of your growing up photos in the birthday post. I also had a deep love for Gunne Sax dresses, and thought they were very elegant.

On another note, Helena, due to some new teeth coming in AND a stuffy nose, has gone on a nursing strike. I persevered (and bought a cheap hand pump at Target) mostly because of your recent experience with Shav and, in what can only be termed a Mother's Day miracle, she nursed this morning!

Leah said...

Your bathroom looks nice! The picture looks so elegant and classy against the red walls.

Maybe I'll see it in person if I get to make it to your potluck this month ;-)

Lisa said...

What a lovely bathroom! I love the toilet seat — that is a must-have!!!:-)

And your photos are amazing — you continue to rock at photography.

Mike and Katie said...

We might have to find one of those potty seats. And that faucet is so cool!