Thursday, May 20, 2010

One Step Closer... a finished bathroom.

I noted in this post that one of the projects I still wanted to do for this bathroom was get some material for a curtain for the window. I wanted something simple, not frilly, something that would not block much light...because I LOVE light. This is the result:
I got the material and the ribbon at Patchwork Plus for the whopping sum of $4.99, and our wonderfully talented (and just plain wonderful) neighbors sewed it for me. It was a nice little mother-daughter project for them, and they wouldn't take a cent for it.
One thing I forgot to mention in that original post on our bathroom renovation was all of the things that we didn't replace. Of course, in my ideal world, Home Depot would have been giving away new sinks and vanities and mirrors and... But since they weren't, we stuck to a slim budget and kept our old shower, sink, countertop, medicine cabinet, light fixture, etc. - all of which I would have been glad to replace. The economical way of updating our counter turned out to be painting it and then putting a sealer of some kind on it. From 70's speckled brown, it is now lovely white...except it has some dirt marks in it that I can't scrub out...I guess they got sealed in with the paint. But overall, it is much, much better!

And I love looking at this window now. :)


Sally said...

Yeah, let me know if Home Depot is ever giving away light fixtures! I surely want to put some more lights in so many of our poorly-lit, dim, dark, shadowy, need-an-Ott-light-to-see-anything rooms (in the old part, or course!). But, we've put that on hold for a while. Meanwhile, we're enjoying our new addition, and, now, the newly painted purple walls in Hannah's new room (and soon the white trim, when I get that painted, hopefully yet this week).

Patti said...

Where did you find the nifty toilet seat with the built in kid-sized seat? I sent my husband to Lowe's yesterday and he came home empty-handed.

Davene said...


Jeff got that at Home Depot. We have both a Lowe's and Home Depot in our town, but Jeff is a Home Depot guy.

I hope you all can find one! :)