Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quick Quotes

I've only got a moment to blog tonight. That's just enough time to jot down a few quotes that have been swirling through my head.


Someone came to Jeff recently to ask his advice about whether she and her husband should try to have another child. She expected him to say yes, so was surprised when he expressed his opinion that they shouldn't (for a number of compelling reasons). As Jeff was telling us the story over supper one evening, he said, "People assume that, because I have four children, I think everyone should have eight!" :)


Since we've been attending a different church, Josiah has started becoming friends with the children of one of my "old," dear friends; and she reported to me that on Sunday morning, her daughter came to her and said, "Do I look nice?" Of course, my friend answered in the affirmative. And then her daughter said, "Do you think that Josiah will think I look nice?" Oh my, are we into that stage of parenting so soon?! :)


The Chronicles of Narnia are full of wonderful quotes; but this is the one that's been on my mind this evening:

In The Last Battle, Tirian is talking to Jill about what might be inside the stable. He says, "There's no knowing. But courage, child: we are all between the paws of the true Aslan."

How grateful I am to live life "between the paws!"


Mike and Katie said...

I loved reading the Chronicles of Narnia to my boys. I can't wait to share them with the girls, too. I remember having to stop reading because I was crying through much of The Last Battle. So much of it just spoke to my heart at the time.

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely read :) Your background looks so cute and the pictures of the boys are adorable!