Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TTT - Tobin Talk

As Tobin gets more verbal, I'm finding myself more and more amused by what comes out of his mouth. You just never know with a two year-old, do you? :)

Today I was getting the boys ready to go to the library and was telling Tobin about the adventure we were going to have. Tobin announced, "Mommy likes adventure!", a rather long sentence for him, but also an indication that, so far, he hasn't figured out that "adventure" is the word I use for events-that-I-think-will-be-challenging-but-I'm-trying-to-keep-a-good-attitude-about-it. If my fake enthusiasm helps me to approach difficult outings with a more cheerful heart, that's a good thing. And if my forced cheerfulness contributes to Tobin's happy heart, so much the better. After all, "Mommy likes adventure," right? Right? :)

On our way to the library, we pulled into Jeff's barbershop because David was going to stay there and help Jeff by sweeping hair (and give David the benefit of some one-on-one Daddy time). Tobin got excited and kept repeating, "Daddy home? Daddy home?" Whether that meant that he thought Daddy was coming home or that he thought the barbershop was indeed Daddy's home is still a mystery. :) When we simply dropped David off and didn't stay, Tobin cried and cried as we headed towards the library. He wanted so badly to see his daddy.

When we returned to the barbershop after our library jaunt, Tobin again said, "Daddy home?" And when we went inside, he was very glad to see Jeff.

Last evening when I was putting Tobin to bed, I went through a little ritual I have with him. It's my shameless attempt to get him to say to me, "I love you," something he's never done unprompted. I tell him, "Say 'I'," and he will. Then I go on, "love," and he says his version of "love." I end with a jubilant, "you," and he usually repeats it like a parrot. Last night, however, he repeated the "I" and the "love" just fine; but after I said "you" and was waiting for him to say "you" back, he grinned in his rascally little way and said...

"Daddy!" ;)
It's a wonderful thing to see how much this little one that I adore loves the Big One that I adore!


Sally said...

Oh my! That last one is so funny! I'm sure he loves Mommy too.

Misty said...

My kids play that game all the time..."who do you love?" "I looove......(here's where they are supposed to say Mommy)....Daddy!" or mommom Sandy, or Sissy, or anyone other than me. :) And Elissa is standing next to me looking at the pictures on your sidebar and she said "I like Tobin, Mommy" Tell Tobin Elissa says hi!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OK, the last one is so cute...I love daddy...hehehe. Cute!