Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TTT - Josiah's Mispronunciations

Josiah will turn eight next month; but he still has some mispronunciations that crack me up. Case in point:

~ We were studying the 50 states during this past year of homeschooling; and Josiah mentioned one I hadn't heard of before - New Hamster!

~ When referring to the last book of the Bible, Josiah calls it Revolution.

~ After coming home from Sunday school recently, I heard him singing to himself, "I may never march in the Calvary..." (instead of cavalry, in case you're unacquainted with that song).

~ During dinner with friends recently, Josiah was referring to his own mathematical abilities; and instead of calling himself a mathematician, he said he was a math magician.

~ Josiah knows my big summer project is completely organizing my kitchen, and today he asked me something about one of the cabinicks. He heard himself pronounce it wrong, then concentrated to correctly say, "Cabinets."

~ The substitution of "ick" as an ending occurs every time he says the word "pregnant." Recently he came to me while I was sitting in my glider rocking chair in a quiet moment with no one else around. He leaned his head on my arm and said, "I wish you were pregnick." I laughed and asked him why, and he replied that it's just so special to have a new baby growing. I agree, but I also realize that adding another one to the family means less time for the ones already born, so we talked about that for a bit. He told me that one time, he had a hard time with us having a new baby; and that was when Tobin was born. He said that the neighbor girls came over and didn't pay attention to Josiah because they were too busy looking at Tobin; plus, I wasn't as available for Josiah's needs as I had been previously. He remarked that he thought the hardest transition after a new baby was the one we all had to do after Tobin's birth...which was really interesting to me because if someone had asked me that question, I wouldn't have hesitated at all before saying that the adjustment after Shav was by far the most difficult! But I'm realizing that, probably because of the stage of life Josiah was in, Tobin's birth was the hardest for him, though not for me. Anyway, our conversation continued as Josiah earnestly told me that he wants...


Hmmmm...I'm not sure I can grant that particular request of his. He'll have to speak to One much more powerful than I to make that happen. ;)


Sally said...

Wow! It's so interesting to hear the thoughts of a nearly-8-year-old on the subject of new babies in the family. At home, I don't think we ever even thought about it, I guess because there was ALWAYS a new baby. We just expected it.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Cute Cute Cute - love those mispronunciations!

Margie said...

He really demonstrates a lot of self-awareness, I think, when he talks about Tobin's birth being the most difficult. Now he seems to understand that your pregnancies are part of a larger picture for the family. And now he wants a sister? Hmmmm.