Friday, May 28, 2010


Not much time for blogging today, since we're expecting a bunch of people for our fellowship potluck tonight. There's a cake to be iced, a table to be stretched, chairs to be placed around, bathrooms to be inspected, lemonade to be made, baked spaghetti to be...well...baked - lots of good stuff.

In lieu of actual words and thoughts and effort, here are some pictures taken by notable photographer David Fisher. These are all Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC, for those unfamiliar with photographer lingo...SOOC, by the way, is probably the only bit of photographer lingo I understand). Along with these interesting shots, there were probably 20 blurry pictures of pepper plants in our garden, as well as blurry shots of other items around our yard and in our pasture. All I can say is, "I'm so glad for a digital camera...and for the 'Delete' button!" :)


Misty said...

Not bad! I love the pic of the rose. I also love the delete button LOL
(Oh, if you want to sound really cool you could say OOF (Out of Focus) instead of blurry hahaha)See you tonight!

Mike and Katie said...

Those are some great shots!!! He's got some talent! I love digital cameras. When we were kids, every time we snapped a photo my grandmother would say, "That's a nickel." In other words - shoot wisely. Now we can shoot like there's no tomorrow.

Margie said...

He might just have something going on, here...these were surprisingly good! You were the one who taught me what SOOC meant. It's the only technical term I know, too!