Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Is the Spring in Which...

...Josiah learns to ride a bike...
...without training wheels.
He basically taught himself how to do this. One evening, the neighbor girls brought over one of their bikes that doesn't have training wheels; and when Josiah came in from playing that night, he announced that he now knew how to ride without training wheels! "Oh, really? You do?" was my slightly skeptical thought; but sure enough, he did. When children are ready for a new skill, they almost teach themselves. It really can be that simple, I've learned.

This is also the spring in which David gets good at standing up while he's swinging.
No longer content for the mild version of swinging, he's turned it up a notch to the hot version. He doesn't sit; he stands. He doesn't just want a twisty; he wants a twisty that goes back and forth, too (he calls it a roller coaster, and I would imagine that it does make his tummy do flip-flops). And underdogs? It's a given that this boy can take it as high as I can push it.

That blurb I just wrote about children teaching themselves when they're ready? It applies here, too. This is the spring in which Tobin taught himself to ride "David's" tricycle (maybe it needs a new name?).
He kept hopping on it and making more and more progress until now, he smoothly rides around the "racetrack" formed by our kitchen and living room. Not only can he do it on the small red tricycle, but also on "Josiah's" tricycle, too, which is larger and consequently a little harder for Tobin to reach the pedals. But he stretches, and manages. And nobody taught him that. When I need Tobin to be happily occupied by himself for a little while, the two activities I can count on are riding the tricycle and standing on a chair at the kitchen sink to play with water.
This is also the spring in which Tobin graduated from our baby swing to a regular swing.
He's only fallen off once (and that was a gentle fall that caused no lingering damage); but now, he looks like he's been swinging this way all his life.
Whenever he hears one of the other boys ask for an underdog or a twisty, he pipes up and wants the exact same thing. I grant his wishes, but take it easy while doing so...just in case he gets so excited that he forgets to hang on.

This is the spring in which Shav occupies our baby swing...
...and discovers how grand and glorious it is to be outside.
Josiah and David like to stand in front of him and push him; and as he approaches, they say in a silly voice "Stinky feet!" and he laughs and laughs.

And finally, this is the spring when the Fisher family gets a new...
A beagle, this time, but free, just like our other two have been. Last evening, the boys who live across the street came to our door and asked if we wanted their dog because they are moving and can't take him with them. They had asked many other people and been turned down and were getting desperate. Jeff wasn't home at the time so I said I would have to ask him, but I already knew we would say yes. We did. Molly and Jasper are getting used to the new dog, and I don't think it will take too long until our one sheep, two goats, and three dogs all get along fine.

Welcome to the family, Buddy!


Anonymous said...

Spring brings so many new things! Riding trikes and bikes and swinging and being outdoors is what it's all about.

Love your new dog. When I was growing up, my family always had beagles. My husband's hunting dogs were all beagles and when he sold them, he kept one of the puppies for our pet.

Sally said...

Wow! You do have a lot going on. How in the world can you fit in caring for livestock? I repeatedly decide I'm not ready for that hurdle. To trudge out through all kinds of weather to feed, water, doctor, scoop up the poo after some critter that won't give me any food in return..............
Wait until my kids can do it!

Davene said...


You are SO RIGHT! Fortunately for me, Josiah is old enough to do those chores (and what he doesn't do, Jeff does). I'm supposed to be the country girl, but Jeff is really the one that loves and takes care of our menagerie. :)

We pay Josiah one dollar a week to feed and water the animals; and let me tell ya, it is a dollar well spent!!! :)

If I were you, I'd wait a while, too. ;)

Misty said...

Look at all that's going on over there! I need to get out the trike more often as Elissa hasn't a clue how to do it. But we don't really have any place for her to practice. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

Morning said...

I'm such a believer in readiness! When they're ready, then it's time. Boo did just the same as Josiah with his bike -- I was skeptical when he wanted the training wheels off, but within an hour he was racing about!
We'd love a puppy (at least, Boo and I would), but Jumps is being 'sensible'. He says I'll have a new pet in about 6 weeks, so I'm not allowed to think of getting any more! Sometimes I think he's absolutely right and of course a dog makes life complicated in lots of ways -- but at other times I wonder if we're being way too sensible and missing out on too much fun! (as well as responsibility, but then those things come together, don't they?).

Polly said...

your guys look so cute, happy and active! That Shav is growing like a weed--he's SO cute!!

Margie said...

First, the girls seem to be on about the same ability-schedule as your boys, so seeing what Josiah can do gave me a window into when I can expect to lose training wheels! Second, I grew up with beagles and love them! (I keep wishing that's what we'll get when it's time for a dog.) Please share an occasional Buddy story and video. The girls love your videos.