Thursday, May 13, 2010

PT By the Numbers

Number of puddles on the floor today: 3
Number of successful elimination episodes on the potty: 0
Number of potty books we actually have: 4
Number of potty books I thought we had: more than 4
Number of times I read our 4 potty books today: I don't think I want to know
Amount of patience I naturally had: not enough
Amount of patience God has: more than enough
Amount of encouragement I gained from dinner out with Julie and Misty tonight: abundant!

And to change the subject, this was the view of the next hill over from our hill last evening. I loved it in color...
...and in black and white.
There's so much majesty in creation.


Sally said...

This is just day one. Hold on, things will come, either with this attempt, or another one.

What is the white on the hill in the distance? I can't figure it out.

Morning said...

Stunning picture -- aren't evenings lovely?

Cindy said...

Praying you have a better day! Is it ok for me to laugh a little?

Marie said...

Gorgeous pics Davene,
So enjoyed reading your adventures in potty training, knowing full well that Zane will be there before I know it. Also loved looking through your new bathroom. I love the new faucet too! When Jon and I were looking to get a new sink and faucet I saw that one at the home depot. Couldn't get it at the time but I am so glad you did! I don't blame the boys at all for wanting to go in and watch it run :) The color red that you chose with the black is so pretty too!

Happy Motherhood dear friend and Happy Mother's Day also! Your such an inspiring Mamma!!
~ Marie

Margie said...

Wow, that hill is breathtaking...