Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sherbet and Shav - Sweetness!

First, dessert! No, this is not my philosophy of eating...just the order of topics I'll follow in this post. :)

I posted a recipe today at The Foodie Spot. For a simple, inexpensive, passed-down-from-my-grandmother, could-NOT-be easier dessert, click here.


Second, the sweetness that is Shav (which reminds me...I'm not sure how long I'll keep up the alliterative post titles, but it's working so far this week, and I'm just going with it!).

Yesterday, Shav's second nap stretched on and on. I didn't want him to sleep too long and thus have a difficult time going to sleep at bedtime, so shortly before supper, I traipsed into his room to see if he was awake and just playing quietly in his crib. This is what I saw:
It's not often anymore that I actually get to see him sleep, particularly in the daylight, so I stood for a few moments to soak in the scene. His precious face!

Then I noticed that Noodles - dear old Noodles - was in the crib with Shav, so I decided to have a little fun. First though, let me make a note that Noodles was made and given to me by a dear family friend, Susan Walls, when I was a young girl. For a man of 30+ years, I'd say Noodles is holding up rather well! Noodles used to live in Tobin's room, on top of the antique trunk from my grandparents, which now serves as a seat for the boys' stuffed animals (the ones not in use in other places, at least). I think it was Tobin's idea to let Shav play with Noodles, so I let Noodles come live in the crib - the first stuffed toy I've allowed to be in there with Shav. Noodles isn't exactly fluffy, and he's awfully I didn't think it would be much of a hazard to Shav's breathing.

Yesterday, as he slept, I carefully laid Noodles beside Shav and quietly took a picture.
He didn't budge, so I ventured further and set Noodles beside Shav with his feet propped up.
Still no response.

Then I got bold and actually put Noodles on Shav's arm, thinking that Shav's sense of touch would kick in and alert him.
That didn't work.

Next, Noodles was practically bending over backwards in front of Shav's face.

Then Noodles bent over to kiss Shav's head and face. Surely that would wake him up, right?

Finally, I laid Noodles directly across Shav; and granted, Noodles doesn't weigh a whole lot, but he weighs something, and you'd think (I thought, at least) that even that amount of pressure would rouse Shav.
It didn't work. Shav was OUT, sleeping so soundly that he didn't even stir through all of my moving around in his room, putting Noodles in different positions, and taking pictures.

Finally, I put Noodles back in a corner of the crib...
...then gently picked up Shav. He did wake up then. :)

I can't get over how much I love Shav. This love just doesn't quit. It's amazing how it grows and builds and expands and makes my heart enlarge, simply from the immensity of the love I feel for my family.

The other night I was thinking about all the mistakes I make in parenting and feeling badly, of course, about that. But then the thought came to my mind: at least they'll know they're loved. And it's true: I will continue doing everything I can to make sure my boys always know how very much they are loved.


Sally said...

This is such a sweet post! He must have been tired, poor guy! I wonder if the heat was wearing him out. Mistakes in parenting? I know everyone is human, but, well, I'm sure you don't make all the mistakes I do. Anyway, you are doing a terrific job!

Morning said...

so that's what sherbert is! here, we call a powdered sugar, sweet-sour sweetie "sherbert", and usually eat it by licking and dipping licorice sticks into a pile of it.

Heather Baker said...

Oh my! The "Noodles" photo session is awesome!

Beth said...

I love that. You are so right. They will know that they are loved!

michelle said...

these pics are adorable! i'm so glad he kept sleeping so that you could do all the different poses - so fun! :)

Margie said...

I concur with you and Beth: They will know they are loved. Which is one reason so many of us love to read about your mothering. It's encouraging to all of us.